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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be interested in what RaceCraft 1 has to offer? How can RaceCraft 1 benefit every level of driver?

Some of the greatest champions investigate and use every resource at their disposal – including undiscovered ones that may feature new outlooks and fresh ideas – to develop and maintain their Competitive Edge.

What credentials does RaceCraft 1 have for evaluation and development of drivers?

RaceCraft 1 has over 20 years’ experience with training, development, practice, and evaluation. Our experience includes full-scale professional instruction and evaluation of fighter pilots, commercial airline pilots and racers.

What is the core platform that RaceCraft 1 is using? What vehicles do you feature and what tracks are on offer?

RaceCraft 1 uses a platform of our own engineering and construction with the most applicable hardware available. We employ a cross-section of software adapted to best match each training scenario. Our platform features over 300 tracks worldwide in different configurations and more than 75 types of cars and racing karts.

Is simulation just a game used to learn the layout of new tracks?

No. It's just a game if you only drive races and hotlaps over and over again without a structured approach to improvement. RaceCraft 1 harnesses simulation as a tool within a structured, professional training program, a program that challenges, develops, and reinforces every part of a driver's skill set.

But simulation is not real because there are no consequences, right?

Wrong. At RaceCraft 1 you will treat every consequence as real; to do otherwise would be selling yourself short. Elite athletes approach every aspect of their training with the same dedication and devotion as to the competitive event. RaceCraft 1 does the same. Real structure, real gains, real improvement.

Is racecraft training less valuable than real world track time?

No. All seat time is valuable; the best racers maximize and extract that value. At RaceCraft 1 you can get the most out of every moment. RaceCraft 1 provides the environment that allows you to apply yourself with minimal distraction and maximum immersion. Accessible and Cost-Effective, RaceCraft 1 can multiply your seat time without punishing your budget.

More Information

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to info@racecraft1.com, or give us a call at (317) 500-4748.